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Finance/Auditing/Utility Billing Department

Terry Johnston serves as the City Administrator for the Devils Lake Finance/Auditing/ Utility Billing Department

Auditing Office Personnel

Linda Lybeck, City Auditor
Susan Davidson, Payroll/Accounts Payable Clerk
Saraye Forsberg, Utility Billing/Receptionist

Contact Information

Phone Number: (701) 662-7600, extension 221
Fax Number: (701) 662-7612
Address: 423 6th Street NE, PO Box 1048, Devils Lake, ND 58301
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5: p.m.

Email Addresses

Terry Johnston, City Administrator

Linda Lybeck, City Auditor
Susan Davidson, Payroll/Accounts Payable
Saraye Forsberg, Utility Billing/Receptionist

Duties and Responsibilities

The City Administrator and Auditor are appointed by the City Commission and serve as Devils Lake's Chief Executive Officers. Tasks include leadership in the management of the city and implementing City Commission policies. The City Administrator and Auditor oversee the day to day functions of the city and coordinate with the city departments including police, fire, engineering, finance, assessing, sanitation, public utilities, and public ways. Other departments which have indirect involvement of the City Administrator and Auditor are the library and airport.

  • Presents recommendations and information to enable the City Commission to make decisions on matters of policy
  • Responds promptly and positively to all inquiries and requests of citizens
  • Disseminates information regarding City activities
  • Provides input on regional, state, and federal issues which affect the City of Devils Lake
  • Represents the City Commission in public meetings, before the US Congress, State Legislature, and other elected bodies
  • Serves on various boards, committees, commissions, and statewide organizations as directed by the City Commission
  • Maintains a sound fiscal position for the City through the preparation of the annual budget
  • Conducts audits and studies of fiscal procedures and transactions within the City
  • Provides continuous monitoring of financial conditions of the City
  • Manages the human resources functions of the City
  • Manages the collections of revenues, investment of funds, issuance of bonds, and other indebtedness of the City

The Finance/Auditing/Utility Billing Department is responsible for Special Assessments, Commission Minutes, Commission Agendas, City Insurance Claims, City Ordinances, City Elections, City Budgets, City Sales Tax, Permits and Licenses, Utility Billing, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.

City Offices, 423 6th Street NE






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